Fans Can’t Stop Laughing At WINNER Seungyoon’s Attempts At Making Hearts With Seunghoon

Who knew making a hand heart could be so hard?

Hand hearts have become a staple in K-Pop with many idols pulling them out to show some major love to their fans. But it turns out, that sometimes something as simple as a hand heart isn’t so simple after all!


WINNER recently performed at the Ganghwa Spring Concert and brought the house down with their performances of “Love Me Love Me”, “Really Really, “Millions”, and more.


While they certainly brought the heat with all of their performances, they also brought some laughs too. Fans couldn’t help cracking up over Seungyoon‘s attempts at making a hand heart with Seunghoon during “Love Me Love Me”!


After Seunghoon traces out the word “love” during his rap part in the song, everyone normally makes a heart with the person next to them.


While things went smoothly for Jinwoo and Mino


It didn’t go quite as smoothly for Seunghoon and Seungyoon! As Seungyoon got ready to make his heart with Seunghoon, Seunghoon changed things up!


And Seungyoon was definitely not prepared for it!


The quick switch and Seungyoon’s reaction to it quickly caught the eye of Inner Circles who couldn’t help cracking up!


This legendary 2Seung moment will definitely put a smile on your face so make sure you check out the moment, as well as their full “Love Me Love Me” performance below!


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