WINNER Seungyoon’s Pants Fell Down During Fan Meet

WINNER‘s Seungyoon experienced an unexpected wardrobe malfunction during a fan meet as his pants fell down in front of his fans!

During one of WINNER’s recent fan meetings in Japan, fans were greeted with an unexpected sight of WINNER’s Seungyoon’s legs as the idols pants fell down.

The idol, who was wearing a pair of Christopher Shannon Button-off jeans, had a unique design on his pants as the jeans came together at three distinct sections through buttons that could be undone.

Seungyoon’s legs are slightly exposed because of the design of the jeans.

It seems that the stylist may have undone a few more buttons than the pants could handle, as halfway through greeting the fans, the 3/4 of the idol’s jeans fell down.

The other members of WINNER were also shocked by the sudden view.

This created a lot of hysteria at the fan meeting as fans were shocked as the idol suddenly, and accidentally, exposed his legs. Despite the embarrassing situation, Seungyoon recovered smoothly, quickly putting the rest of his pants back on and continuing with the event as normal.

Seungyoon seemed a bit embarrassed but he handled the situation like a champ.

Source: Dispatch