WINNER Unintentionally Show Off Their Unique Personalities With Their Twitter Profiles

Nothing shows true colors like Twitter profiles do.

WINNER members each have their official Twitter accounts, on which they openly communicate with fans. And over the years the members have been active on Twitter, INNER CIRCLEs have realized this: Their personalities are rubbing off on their profiles.


Jinu‘s Twitter profile is as clean and simple as it can be. It says his name and it shows his face. To be exact, Jinu’s profile picture is from years ago when the group promoted “LOVE ME LOVE ME”. While it may look like it doesn’t show much of his personality — that is exactly his personality. Jinu’s profile is practical as it serves its purpose!


Seunghoon‘s profile has a little more color. As the header photo, Seunghoon opted to show off his beloved pet dog, Haute. Like all pet lovers do, Seunghoon also embraces that proud fur-parent lifestyle! His profile picture also shows a lot about Seunghoon’s personality. He is pictured in blonde pigtails, because… well, because Seunghoon doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks. He knows he’s cute.


Mino, the artistic soul of the group, has that artistic vibe all over his artistic Twitter. His current profile picture shows his fascinating artwork of a blue rose. Nothing on the profile shows Mino’s face, but INNER CIRCLEs can’t imagine Mino blasting his face on Twitter anyway — not the artist Mino.


And finally, Seungyoon‘s Twitter profile is the epitome of leadership. Seungyoon has, in the past as well, changed his header photo and profile picture to the group’s new album promo. Seungyoon is all about living that WINNER’s leader and world’s finest social media marketer life, more so than being Seungyoon.


INNER CIRCLEs absolutely love the way members have represented themselves on social media. They truly appreciate how these vastly different personalities have harmoniously come together to be WINNER as one!

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Source: THEQOO