WINNER’s Song Mino Reveals His Dating Style in Recent Interview

His dating style has its pros and cons.

On the most recent broadcast of SBS’s Cultwo Show, WINNER appeared as guests for their recent comeback with their new song, “AH YEAH”.

During the interview, Kang Seungyoon confessed that their new song was inspired by the 2013 movie, Very Ordinary Couple.

He explained further by adding, “After I watched that movie, I wondered if just breaking up is the right thing to do, and that’s how this song came about.

After hearing this revelation, DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked the members about their individual dating styles.

In response, Song Mino replied, “My dating style is hot and passionate” and drew particular attention.

But he also mentioned the downfall by adding, “It’s really hot at first, but it cools down real quick.

He was then asked if that meant he got over them quickly as well, and when he hesitated to answer that question, it made everyone in the room burst into laughter.

Source: Insight