WINNER’s Song Mino Overcomes His Panic Disorder by Painting Absolute Masterpieces

Whoa, that final product though…

WINNER‘s Mino once shared that he developed a panic disorder as a result of receiving overwhelming public attention from an early age.

He also explained that in order to overcome his panic disorder, he paints as a hobby, but he recently shocked his fans by revealing just how artistically skilled he really is.

In one of his recent Instagram posts, Mino shared a video of himself painting in his studio while admiring the night sky through the window. In the beginning, the painting looks a little lonely with just one yellow butterfly, but he then adds a man reaching for the butterfly.

He must have thought the painting was still missing something because he then went on to add even more butterflies of various colors. As soon as he completed his spectacular painting, he wrapped up the video by writing “love” on the window.

Check out Mino’s outstanding artistic ability in the footage he shared below:

Source: Insight