Song Mino Spotted with a New Tattoo About Proper Mindset and Attitude

What a bold tattoo!

WINNER‘s Song Mino recently shared photos of himself having fun at an outdoor swimming pool in just a swimsuit.

In the photos, Song Mino can be seen spending a leisurely time swimming and diving, but what caught the attention of fans was the new tattoo that they spotted on his back.

On both sides of his back, he now has a clear tattoo that reads, “Proper attitude, clear mind.

What makes it stand out so much is the fact that it’s written in big letters and a distinct Korean font.

From the looks of it, Song Mino tattooed what appears to be his values or resolution on his back in order to emphasize his determination to live by it.

Whatever it may be, Song Mino is looking damn fine and his new tattoo suits him well.

Source: Insight