WINNER Surprised This Lucky Fan With A Serenade [video]

The members of WINNER surprised their fan by singing to her during work amidst a large crowd. 

WINNER returned their gratitude for a fan by holding a special performance while she was at work. Park Ha Ye Jin, a 27-year-old employee at a clothing store called 8 Seconds, was busy working when she suddenly heard her favorite song “Really Really” play on the speakers.

The WINNER members came in from different entrances of the store and when shoppers saw them, they all rushed to witness the live performance. People on the street who heard and saw the crowd all rushed in to listen to WINNER sing as well.

People flooded the store to try and get a glimpse of WINNER.

Unaware of why a crowd was being formed, Park Ha Ye Jin continued to work but also showed interest and curiosity to the situation. The WINNER fan gradually walked closer to the crowd and realized that it was the group themselves performing for her at the store she worked at!

While singing, the members suddenly asked “Where is Park Ha Ye Jin?” and she was led out to the center of the crowd, where the members sang. WINNER serenaded her and Seungyoon even gave her a kiss on the hand. Ye Jin was so touched and excited that she was on the verge of tears.

Check out the full video of the surprise performance here!