Remember That Puppy WINNER’s Yoon Saved From Death? Here’s What He Looks Like Now

Thor’s not a little puppy anymore!

Last December, an ill-fated shelter puppy became one lucky dog when WINNER‘s Yoon rescued him from death row.

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Thor arrived at the shelter after being pulled from a puppy mill, a business where popular dog breeds are forcefully overbred to meet the public’s demand for purebred puppies.

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” Due to people wanting the exotic, pretty animals, the puppy mills will continue to exist until these demands are there. I don’t support buying a pet from a pet shop. We should all consider adopting a puppy from a shelter.” — Yoon


This adorable, black pooch would have been euthanized if Yoon had not stepped in and adopted him.

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“I was indecisive whether I should adopt a puppy or not, then I saw Thor and I had to have him.” — Yoon


Like many rescued puppy mill dogs, Thor had to overcome some health hurdles. When Yoon first brought him home, Thor had a skin disease that required him to be isolated from other animals. Thor also had to be bathed regularly with special skin products.


Now, 8 months later, Thor is healthier (and happier) than ever. Yoon recently uploaded this cute photo of Thor lying in the “jet position”, just chilling and loving life.

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Thor has grown up to be a dapple gentleman, beloved by WINNER members and fans alike.


He even has his own fan merch!


Thor has adjusted to his new life and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight. In fact, he loves the camera…

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…almost as much as he loves his fur-dad!


These two have spent so much time together…


…that Thor can recognize Yoon’s voice anywhere!


Thanks to Yoon, Thor’s story has a happy ending.


Here’s hoping that this adorable family will have many more wonderful years together!

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