WINNER’s Jinu May Not Want To Be A “Pretty Face” Anymore, But It’s Impossible To Change Destiny

He’s a visual king, there’s no un-doing that.

When WINNER‘s Jinu released his solo, featuring Mino, he interviewed that with this promotion he looked forward to “break the impression” that he’s only a pretty face. Fans agreed – Jinu is much more than a visual. He has the talent and the personality too, and his looks are only a part of the whole package of awesomeness that he is.


But when he showed up in his all-white suite to perform at Show! Music Core on August 24, 2019, he ended up wowing everyone with his gorgeousness – again.


While his voice, his moves, and his stage presence were all on fleek and 200% stan-worthy, Jinu’s appearance was inevitably the most attention-grabbing thing his fans noticed.


Glowing like a Disney prince, Jinu completely enchanted the viewers. MBC channel’s YouTube channel tweeted a fan cam of this performance and quoted, “Isn’t Jinu handsome today? We were shook. It’s not only because he’s wearing all white. He’s always good looking!”


During the aforementioned interview, Jinu asked, “How long can you be a ‘face genius’ for?”


Well – the answer, in his case, is clearly forever.


And with the song trending on music charts and being streamed worldwide, Jinu really has nothing to worry about. Looks like his fans know that he has talent as incredible as his visual!


Watch Jinu’s performance here: