WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon takes off his shirt to reveal his tattoo

WINNER‘s Lee Seunghoon revealed to fans his new tattoo on his official Instagram account.

On April 6th, the YG Entertainment artist uploaded a picture of his new tattoo on his back. The tattoo shows the group’s logo and around it is the orbiting circle around the logo represents their fan club, Inner Circle.

Seunghoon greeted fans with a good morning and jokingly hoped that his photo would wake everyone up better than an alarm.

He commented that WINNER is known as a group to be captivating and that their manager agreed. Whenever their manager sees his tattoo, he sees it as a symbol that brings fans closer together, the continuously flowing love between artist and fans. 

Seunghoon then explained that although the caption is a bit cheesy, he hoped that everyone has a great day and can be inspired by his tattoo.