WINNER’s Mino Just Got A Huge “Playboy” Tattoo And Fans Don’t Know How To Feel

“Wow his tattoo is real…what went through his mind?”

WINNER‘s Mino just got a new tattoo on his lower back and fans don’t know how to feel.

He revealed the new addition to his body for the first time in a photo shoot with Esquire, which many thought was fake.

INCLEs were clamoring for answers, needing to know if it was real or just for show.

All questions were soon answered in a new picture of Mino in a schedule for WINNER, where a fan stealthily got a picture of his back.

Needless to say, INCLEs had mixed reactions. Some found his new tattoo garish and over the top.

They just want to know what went through his mind to choose that exact word.

Others, however, found the tattoo to be a bold statement that made Mino even sexier.

Many were fairly neutral, simply wanting to know the thought process behind the tattoo.

The “playboy” tattoo is a new addition to Mino’s collection of body tattoos, showcasing his freedom of expression.