WINNER’s Mino Starts A Love-Hate Relationship With Siri After His iPhone Kept Disobeying His Instructions

The biggest K-Pop beef right now is between Mino and Siri.

Apple’s voice assistant Siri has been known to give some hilariously sassy responses. And unfortunately, that can trigger some angry reactions from the user.

Mino had some plans for what he wanted to do during his live broadcast. But unfortunately, Siri kept on getting in the way.

Mino wanted to play some music during the live broadcast, so he asked Siri for some help.

Hey Siri, play me … something

So Siri started playing “Me” by Taylor Swift, which didn’t appear to be Mino’s preference.

Mino asked Siri to play the next song, only to get a bit frustrated when Siri replayed “Me.”

He then decided on the song he wanted to hear, so he asked Siri to play, “Sunflower” by Post Malone.

Siri, however, did not follow his instructions.

Okay, let’s hear “Sunflower” by Joker

Hearing this, Mino became annoyed that Siri wasn’t playing the right song.

He had to ask Siri again before his iPhone got the memo.

Later, Mino started discussing Ed Sheeran’s latest album. Hearing this, Siri suddenly started playing an Ed Sheeran song.

Mino silenced Siri with some pretty strong words.

Hey Siri, not you! Shut up.

After Siri still didn’t stop playing the song, Mino decided to frame his request more politely.

Hey Siri, thank you! Stop.

Siri said, “You’re welcome,” only to continue playing the Ed Sheeran song.

Once Siri finally stopped the Ed Sheeran song, Mino surprisingly expressed his love for his iPhone, saying “Siri, I love you.”

It seemed that all was finally well between Mino and Siri.

Mino even wished Siri goodnight, only for Siri to interrupt him with, “Is that so?”

The rapper then concluded his interactions with Siri on a negative note.

Hey Siri, stop.

Meanwhile, fans have been amused with Mino’s hilarious interactions with Siri. Some have even compared their interactions to a relationship!

Who knows, we may be getting a diss track from Mino about a specific voice assistant.