WINNER’s Seunghoon has the greatest fashion sense among idols, according to Korean media

Seunghoon’s fashion is turning heads.

Seunghoon‘s chic street fashion is making Korean media outlets sit up and take notice.


Recently, the WINNER singer ranked third on Insight‘s list of fashionable male idols.


According to Insight, his refreshing “boyfriend” style is perfect for spring.


This isn’t the first time Seunghoon’s style has received attention from Korean media. In their March 18 article, Zenith News singled out Seunghoon as WINNER’s most eye-catching fashionista.


Zenith News fell in love with his tasteful plaid ensembles.

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They praised Seunghoon’s colorful pattern choice, his use of layering…


…and the way he mixed plaid items in with solid colored clothing.

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His use of small details and accessories was praised as well.

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A beige checkered pattern adds charm to Seunghoon’s classic baseball cap.


Fans seeking fashion inspiration should definitely check out Seunghoon’s Instagram for more springtime looks!

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Source: Zenith News and Insight
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