WINNER’s Seunghoon Reveals He Has Another Job As Well As Being an Idol

WINNER’s Seunghoon revealed that he isn’t just a member of the YG idol group, but also an artist planner and senior manager.

In a recent episode of MBC’s celebrity talk show, Oppa Thinking, Seunghoon revealed his business card to the panel members.

Image Source: Instiz

On the business card, it showed Seunghoon wasn’t just a WINNER member, but also the group’s planner and a senior manager at YG Entertainment.

According to the other members, Seunghoon was nicknamed “Idea Bank” because he choreographed a lot of WINNER’s performances.

The host Tak Jae Hoon commended his talents and even said, “It’s people like Seunghoon who become senior managers.”

Source: AsiaE and MBC