WINNER’s Seungyoon Reveals His New Song “Better” Is Inspired By BLACKPINK Jennie’s “SOLO”

The two tracks work perfectly together!

WINNER‘s Seungyoon recently revealed that his new track “Better,” featuring fellow member Mino, was actually written as a response to BLACKPINK Jennie‘s hit track “SOLO!”

On April 13, Seungyoon appeared on MBC FM4U‘s Jun Hyosung’s Dreaming Radio, discussing his recent album Page. In particular, he explained that the track “Better” was inspired by a track from fellow YG Entertainment artist Jennie.

Jennie’s “SOLO” looks at freeing yourself from a toxic relationship. Seungyoon’s track is written from the ex-boyfriend’s point of view, looking on after the break-up.

One of the stand-out lyrics in Jennie’s track is “I’m a shining solo.” In response to this, Seungyoon’s track has the line, “Now you look better than when we were us,” showing that the other person was better now than when they were in the relationship!

Seungyoon went on to explain how he became inspired to write this response to Jennie’s track.

I sometimes listen to songs by other artists and try to write songs from the opposite POV.

— WINNER’s Seungyoon

You can watch a performance of “Better” below!

Source: Naver