WINNER’s Seungyoon Stole BLACKPINK Jennie’s Shirt And He May Have Worn It Better?

YG artists sometimes wear the same clothes, and this time WINNER’s Seungyoon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie wore the same crop top!

 The cute Y / Project oversized plaid cropped shirt costs an astounding $530.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie sported her crop top by adding a cute bow along with a floral GUCCI belt while matching it with a skirt.

She wore the chic outfit on the day of BLACKPINK’s first fansign!

Kang Seungyoon wore the same crop top for the photoshoot of WINNER’s latest album Our Twenty Four. 

Unbuttoning the first two buttons of the shirt, he wore the crop top loosely without wearing anything underneath.

Once again, YG artists proved that fashion has the power to transcends gender norms.