Winwin Loved Every Moment Of NCT’s “Winwin Lover Group”

They couldn’t get enough of Winwin either—especially Jungwoo.

After a long wait that felt like forever for fans, NCT‘s Winwin was reunited with his fellow members in NCT 127 for promotions as a full twenty-three member group. In episode ten of Taeil and Haechan‘s Welcome To Sun&Moon, they gathered all the members who loved Winwin most for a lovefest that was too heartwarming to miss.

With Jungwoo, Lucas, Mark, and Yuta all together, they couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than the ones couldn’t get enough of Winwin.

Giving them a fitting name, Haechan asked Winwin how it felt about it: “Okay then, Winwin. What do you feel think about this Winwin lover group?

Sporting a huge smile, Winwin loved all the love he was surrounded by. Making Jungwoo and Mark laugh, he paid them the best compliment. “It’s like heaven. I love it here.

Because so much love could be overwhelming, Haechan wondered how it affected Winwin. “Okay, then. Do you still feel awkward about how much they love you?

Winwin admitted that it had originally taken him aback. He hadn’t been sure if he was worthy of such unconditional love: “I was a bit shocked at first. Do I deserve this? Do I deserve all this love?

That way of thinking has changed for Winwin.

Once again making them all laugh with his cuteness, Winwin opted to accept it without thinking too deeply. “But right now, I feel like, ‘Oh really? I should just ignore that.’ That’s how I feel about it right now.

Between fans and the members, Winwin truly deserves all the love he receives. Now that he’s been reunited with them, they’re more than ready to prove it. See Winwin open up about his feelings on the “Winwin lover group.”