“Let’s WINWIN!” From NCT Life to WayV, WINWIN’s Journey So Far

A quick snapshot of WINWIN’s rise in NCT that every new NCTzen should read.

Seasoned NCTzens know WINWIN as the lovable and talented member of NCT as well as their Chinese sub-unit WayV. Newer fans, though, might not know exactly where WINWIN got his start.


WINWIN was introduced to the public alongside Kun on NCT’s reality show NCT Life. The show follows the members around different cities around the world, tying into their global concept.

During the second season, NCT Life in Seoul, the group wandered around Seoul completing various missions in two teams to familiarize the new Chinese members, WINWIN and Kun, with the city and Korea as a whole.

At this point, WINWIN spoke little to no Korean, so he needed constant translation through an earpiece he wore. Even so, he didn’t let that hold him back from participating in the games and challenges.

Starting off a little shy, quiet, and awkward, as time went on WINWIN got increasingly more outgoing and comfortable with his new team members.

Since formally debuting in NCT 127 with “Fire Truck” in 2016, WINWIN has tied with Mark as the members who belong to the most sub-units. Counting WayV, WINWIN has appeared in a total of three of NCT’s four sub-units.

WINWIN is still technically a member of NCT 127, but he has not participated in promotions since November 2018 as he was getting ready to debut in China with WayV.

Bittersweet, but we understand.

WayV debuted on January 16 of 2019, quenching all WINWIN fans’ thirst for… well, WINWIN!

WayV is having very successful promotions in China, and NCT 127 are busy with promotions without WINWIN. They released their new Japanese single “Wakey Wakey” on March 18, and they will also be embarking on their first North American tour in April.

SM hasn’t revealed any plans to have the members come back to Korea to promote under NCT, but fans are patiently waiting for the day when we will be able to see NCT as a whole with all 18 – well, now 21 – members.

All 18 members of NCT as of 2018. Xiaojun, Hendery, and YangYang are pictured in spirit



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