“If You Wish Upon Me” K-Drama Actor Ji Chang Wook Takes Good Care of Co-Star Gamja

He made sure Gamja was always comfortable.

Ji Chang Wook‘s latest K-drama, If You Wish Upon Me, has aired its first two episodes recently. The drama is a very touching story inspired by an actual organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of terminal cancer patients.

A behind-the-scenes video was released to show the meticulous work done for the scenes in this K-drama. The video shows Chang Wook’s interaction with his co-star, a cute dog named Gamja, who plays Adeuli in the drama.

| Jichangwook/Youtube

Chang Wook and Gamja bonded so well that it looked like Gamja really was his pet. With Chang Wook’s encouragement, the dog responded to his commands and acted according to the script.

| Jichangwook/Youtube 

Throughout the shoot, Chang Wook helped the crew monitor Gamja to ensure the dog was comfortable. In a beach scene, Chang Wook hugged the dog close to his body to ensure Gamja would not feel cold.

| Jichangwook/Youtube 

Chang Wook is really a dog lover. He had a Bedlington Terrier named Ggoma that sadly passed away while he was shooting Lovestruck in the City in 2020.

Ji Chang Wook and his dog Ggoma | Glorious Entertainment

The video also showed Chang Wook’s professionalism. He was injured in one sequence but continued the shoot despite his injury without taking any break.

| Jichangwook/Youtube 

Watch the full video of “If You Wish Upon Me” behind the scenes here: