With BIGBANG In The Army, Seungri Is Getting All The Attention

While the hyungs are away, the maknae will play!

In less than a week, Seungri will be the only BIGBANG member left in the spotlight, but he plans to make the most of it.

2018 has been a tough year for V.I.Ps. BIGBANG leader G-Dragon joined the military on February 27. Taeyang is scheduled to enlist on March 12, followed by Daesung on March 13. T.O.P, the first BIGBANG member to begin his mandatory, two year enlistment, continues his public service work. BIGBANG’s maknae plans to join his members in the near future but, until then, fans have a lot of Seungri-goodness to look forward to.


Seungri will be showing off his multilingual abilities in Love Only, a Chinese romance film.

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“Love Only” will be the singer-actor’s first Chinese film.


In addition to acting, Seungri will drop a new solo album with a fresh, energetic sound.

“People’s music taste changes very fast: hip-hop, EDM,” he said. “In the end, the key is a good mix.” The album is scheduled for an early to mid 2018 release.


As if a new film and solo album weren’t enough for V.I.Ps to look forward to, Seungri claims he’ll be taking G-Dragon’s place as variety king!


As BIGBANG’s maknae, Seungri has always been at the older members’ mercy.


For years, he has put up with their “bullying”…


…and embarrassing imitations.


But once Taeyang and Daesung enlist, Seungri will be a free man…

…for a while!

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