Wiz Khalifa reveals Taeyeon “bailed” on their performance

Wiz Khalifa reveals to fans that Taeyeon backed out of their MAMA 2016 performance.

It was revealed online that Taeyeon would be collaborating with Wiz Khalifa and fans were surprised when Wiz turned up on stage alone. Wiz later took to Twitter to let fans know that Taeyeon had in fact “backed out” of the performance.

The solo appearance was especially shocking as Taeyeon was witnessed rehearsing with Wiz before the show.

Wiz’s DJ asked fans if they wanted to hear what was meant to go down, and released a brief snippet. You can hear Taeyeon clearly singing the first line of “See You Again.”

A Korean Pop star Taeyeon was suppose to perform this with Wiz and backed out last minute. Here’s a snippet.

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Wiz’s DJ then clarified, that there was “no beef.”

His DJ further clarified that they are not angry, but do not know why she pulled out. Fans are still awaiting a full explanation.