WJSN’s Exy Forgot To Introduce Yeoreum, But Yeoreum’s Reaction Has Everyone Falling For Her

It wasn’t the first time the leader forgot 😂

Because WJSN (Cosmic Girls) leader Exy has so many members to keep track of, she caused a humorous moment when forgetting to introduce Yeoreum, which showed off the latter’s charms.

Yeoreum and Exy. | @WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter

When it was time for Yeoreum to introduce herself, she quickly realized that wasn’t happening. Before she could speak into her microphone, Exy accidentally skipped over her and introduced herself instead. Yeoreum wore an expression of pure shock.

Yeoreum then caught Exy’s attention and reminded her that she was supposed to give her introduction first.

The leader quickly realized, hilariously gasping in shock as well.

While laughing at her mistake, Exy put the spotlight back on Yeoreum so she could finally introduce herself. Though fans loved Yeoreum’s cute reaction and Exy’s funny one, they pointed out it wasn’t the first time their introductions took a funny turn.

When Yeoreum was supposed to introduce herself for a different performance, Exy accidentally skipped over her again, causing a similar reaction of adorable shock from Yeoreum.

Exy was just as surprised over the mishap, quickly hugging Yeoreum to make up for it.

In the end, Yeoreum’s cute reactions made the humorous moments worth it.

| @yeolum_e/Instagram
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