Third-Generation K-Pop Idols Expose Why Their Makeup Preferences Changed From Their Debut Styles

It’s not because of new concepts.

Styling is an integral part of K-Pop. K-Pop idols astound fans with their visuals, outfits, and makeup for every music video, performance stage, and variety show appearance. Especially for stages, idols’ styling and makeup help to immerse fans in their particular concept, letting viewers get swept up in the performance.

Understandably, outfits and makeup change depending on the concept. Pastel colors and bright makeup might accent a softer image.

Red Velvet’s Yeri

While a more powerful concept could be highlighted with eye-catching designs and bold makeup.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

But according to WJSN‘s (also known as Cosmic Girls) Soobin and Seola, a change in concept isn’t the only reason for makeup styles to change.

WJSN’s EXY, Soobin, and Seola recently made a guest appearance on Yongjin’s Health Center with special MC OH MY GIRL‘s YooA, where they honestly talked about everything from their stock investments to how they know they’re getting older.

For EXY, she first felt like she was getting older when she gained the ability to “get along well with people who I don’t like.”

EXY and Soobin | 용진건강원/YouTube 

But for Seola, she realized it when she “[looked] at the mirror after receiving makeup.

Soobin and Seola | 용진건강원/YouTube 

According to Seola, in her “early 20s,” she preferred to use “a lot of makeup with contact lenses and pearls.”

Seola in 2017

Seola in 2018

But as she’s grown older, the idol believes that “the less makeup I put on, the better I look.

Seola in 2021

Seola in 2021

Seola quickly clarifies that she doesn’t think she’s prettier than she was when she was young, suggesting that wearing lots of makeup now is like asking, “Who am I?” Which, of course, fans would disagree with since the stunning idol’s visuals have only grown more captivating.

| 용진건강원/YouTube 

Soobin agreed with Seola’s answer, sharing that her makeup style had changed over time because her makeup gets ruined when she smiles, unlike when she was younger.

| 용진건강원/YouTube 

Soobin in 2017

Soobin in 2018

Soobin even admits that she has “started to apply eye cream” to help.

Soobin in 2022

Soobin in 2022



But, of course, just like Seola, Soobin has only grown even prettier, and fans hope to keep seeing her smile.

| 용진건강원/YouTube 

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