WJSN Covered MONSTA X’s “Alligator” And Get Praise From Wonho

There’s a new alli-alli-alli-alligator in town.

WJSN delivered a sexy and charismatic cover of their Starship Entertainment seniors MONSTA X‘s “Alligator” on the June 28 episode of Music Bank.

They perfectly exuded MONSTA X’s signature cool image, down to the harnesses, and at the same time they gave the song a softness that only WJSN could deliver.


EXY and Eunseo especially were a perfect rap duo rival only to Joohoney and I.M.


These juniors definitely did their seniors proud; in a V LIVE broadcast Wonho confirmed that he had in fact seen the performance and he was very impressed. Wonho said he thought that their version was even better than MONSTA X’s.

This praise coming from not only their seniors, but one of the biggest boy groups in the world no doubt meant a lot to WJSN. The girls did a fantastic job! Watch their full performance below: