WJSN’s Dayoung Uses Chopsticks To Break Into Her Members’ Rooms — And She Has The Most Unexpected Reason For It

“It’s terrifying.” — Eunseo

WJSN‘s Dayoung has a self-professed habit of using chopsticks to break into her members’ rooms, and she hilariously spilled the reason why.

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The members discussed the topic on Weekly Idol, and hosts Kwanghee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk were utterly baffled as to the reason. When they brought it up, Dayoung hilariously claimed that “You can open any door with a chopstick these days.”

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Her members chimed in, describing how scary it is when Dayoung suddenly starts attacking their locks with her chopsticks…

The hosts asked her why she tries so hard to break into her members’ rooms, and Dayoung had the most unexpected answer. She feels that her own room is not fun to be in, so she prefers being in her members’ rooms, which are decorated nicely and therefore feel like a more comfortable environment.

But her members didn’t let that stand. Instead, they hilariously exposed her by claiming that, in truth, Dayoung’s room is very messy and that “It feels stuffy in there.” Dayoung tried to defend herself, but they hilariously dismissed it with, “Don’t try to lie.”

Yet Dayoung insisted. She explained that Eunseo‘s room makes her feel like she’s in the forest, while EXY‘s room has cool and trendy vibes. Luda, meanwhile, has a room that looks like a model home…

The members had to agree with that and Eunseo even added that Luda’s room could trend on social media with its aesthetic. And that is why, according to Dayoung, she breaks into her members’ rooms: to enjoy the ambiance!

Watch the full chaotic clip of the members bickering over Dayoung’s hilarious breaking and entering crimes on the link below.

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