Where Are They Now? The Viral Chinese Lesbian Billionaires That Fooled The Internet

They were one of K-Pop’s most viral stories.

There’s no denying that the internet loves a viral story that seems to break all the odds or go against the mainstream in strange or odd ways, like the woman who didn’t remove her makeup for two years.

The Korean Woman Who Went Viral For Not Removing Her Makeup For 2 Years

In 2017, a story began making rounds online about two rich lesbians who got married, making them the most wealthy couple alive. The story became popular even with those who do not consume Asian media, but it was completely untrue.

Unrelated photo of two women | Daiga Ellaby/Unsplash

The story began with a tweet from a now-suspended account that claimed two lesbian Chinese billionaires had gotten married, making them the richest couple alive.

Twitter is often used as a new source, and with the less-reported news from Asian countries, especially China, on matters outside of business and government, it’s easy to understand why this was believed.

Even Disney star Debbie Ryan gave the sensation tweet a repost!

However, it was quickly discovered that lesbian billionaires Meng Mei Qi and Wu Xuan Yi were really WJSN‘s Meiqi and Xuanyi. The photo of the two was actually shot at the Bejing International Film Festival and included two other stars.

WJSN | Starship Entertainment
Meiqi and Xuanyi (left to right). 

Though it was fake, its impact was amazing, as many became aware of WJSN outside of the K-Pop realm. But where are the two viral stars now?

WJSN is still active, but in March 2023, Meiqi, Xuanyi, and fellow member Cheng Xiao departed from the group.

Meiqi, Cheng Xiao, and Xuanyi

The two are active in China, where Meiqi has appeared in several movies, including the upcoming release Summer With You. She also competed in the TV program The Next 2023. 

Xuanyi released her third extended play this year, in addition to appearing on the OSTs for several dramas, including two that she appeared in — Rising With The Wind and The Princess and the Werewolf.

It’s great to see these two viral legends continuing to be successful!

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