This Woman Feels Spiteful Toward TWICE Because of Her Boyfriend in the Military

Her boyfriend made an absurd request.

On February 6, one woman uploaded a story in an online community about the absurd request she received from her boyfriend in the military.

In the post, the woman explains that when her boyfriend went to the military he became a TWICE fan.

The Yeonsei Chunchu

But she said she thought it was inevitable since most men in the military become fans of female idols.

The problem was her boyfriend’s request. He sent her a letter that asked, “Can you send me a photo card of TWICE’s 00?

The girlfriend was conflicted. Celebrities and girlfriends are two different things, but she couldn’t help but feel sad.

Despite how angry she felt, she wondered how hard of a time he was having to ask for TWICE’s picture.

She felt jealous in a strange way, and she wanted to know if how she was feeling was abnormal.

Following her story, she asked the online community, “Should I be understanding that my boyfriend wants a picture of a girl group member instead of me? Does the military make men obsessed with girl groups?

The netizens who read this post assured her that her feelings weren’t abnormal but that she probably wouldn’t have to worry.

How would you feel if this happened to you?

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