Austrian Magazine Reports BTS Jungkook’s Tattoos Are The Most Searched Keyword On Pinterest

His tattoos have become a global topic.

Austrian magazine Woman released a segment about the most searched tattoos on Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media app that allows users to save images and videos from the web to gather inspiration or ideas. In the article, they reveal that BTS Jungkook’s tattoos are the most searched on Pinterest, with the search for it increasing by 1774%.

From traditional clothing to shoes, almost anything that Jungkook mentions or talks about become best sellers and sell out almost instantly.

Although Jungkook has never fully exposed his tattoos to the public, they are still a hot topic among fans.

While his hand tattoos have been the most visible to the public, fans have caught glimpses of his other tattoos on his body and hope that Jungkook will share them with his fans someday. As for his hand tattoo, it hold special meaning to him and fans as he has ‘ARMY’ written on his knuckles to express his gratitude towards his fans. His hand truly shows just how much he loves and cares for his fans and his group.