Woman Makes A Penis Joke To Kai and Sehun, But Sehun Doesn’t Get It

This video shows how innocent Sehun really is!

EXO’s Kai and Sehun appeared on a program where they were introducing a special Korean dish, gaebu(a.k.a. the penis fish).

The dish is often eaten in Korea raw along with some condiments such as sesame oil and salt or chojang (red chili pepper paste).


As soon as Sehun uncovered the plate and revealed the cut-up, moving pieces of penis fish, the woman and man were completely shocked at the appearance of the food.


What was even more shocking to not only the man and women but even Kai, however, was the bowl of uncut, full penis fish.

After seeing the full fish, it becomes quite obvious how it got its name.


While Kai was hiding in the back not being able to even look at the seafood, Sehun calmly explained to the woman that this was a Korean dish called gaebul.


Then the woman made a joke about the fish saying that it reminded her of her son. Kai immediately began cracking up.


Sehun, who apparently didn’t hear correctly, asked Kai what she had said but even after Kai repeated, “She said it reminds her of her son”, Sehun had a blank expression on his face and kept asking why.

Hm? Why? What about her son?

ㅡ Sehun


Kai almost fainted laughing so hard and Sehun wasn’t able to understand the joke until the end. Sehun’s reaction seems to show just how innocent he is! Check out the full episode below, with the moment highlighted starting around 25:00.