This Woman Is NOT Suzy’s Sister…But Everyone Thinks She Is

She’s blowing people away with her Suzy-like visuals!

Meet Miriam Hyun Wang who is often mistaken for Suzy‘s sister!


Miriam has recently received a lot of attention because of it.


With her stunning visuals, many people are convinced that she must be related to the Korean star.


They just can’t get over how similar the two look!

Miriam Hyun Wang




Although she looks a lot like Suzy, she’s actually not related to her at all!


Miriam was born in the United States in 1995.


She is currently a world traveler and an active model.


With her gorgeous looks, she has participated in numerous beauty pageants with much success.


In 2014 she won the title of “Miss Korea USA,” in 2015 she became “Miss World Korea,” and in 2016 she placed in the top 11 at the “Miss World” competition.


Miriam also has a big following on Instagram where she posts many stunning pictures of her travels.


Netizens just can’t get enough of this gorgeous beauty!

  • “I somehow can see Suzy in her. So gorgeous!”

  • “She looks like the mixture of Suzy and Im Soo Jung.”

  • “Suzy has innocent vibes in her while this model has sexy vibes in her.”

  • “So pretty!”

  • “She’s so beautiful.”


Source: the qoo and Sports Seoul