Woman Tries To Butt In Line At Lotte Duty Free, Gets Mercilessly Beaten By Customer And Her Husband

Never ever cut the line.

What would you do if you saw someone cutting the line? Would you say something, let it go, or get into a fight? For two women in Seoul, the answer was the latter and resulted in an all-out war between the parties.


The incident occurred in a popular tourist spot, the Lotte Duty-Free Store in Seoul. Two Chinese women were on the 12th floor in the cosmetic department when one of them decided to jump the entire queue of people waiting in line.


One of the women did not take kindly to the other’s actions and began to fight with her. Soon things turned into a brawl, complete with punches and hair-pulling.


But things really took a turn for the worse when one of the women’s husbands stepped in and began stomping on the other lady’s head.


When some of the other people finally pull the husband away he’s heard shouting, “She was bullying my wife!

Meanwhile, everyone else in the crowd is heard telling them to stop fighting!


Five minutes after the war between the women started, the security was finally able to break up the fight and the police were alerted.


Once a video of the group fighting made its way online, netizens have been criticising their behavior.

  • “Such an embarrassment to other Chinese people. They should just stay in the country.”

  • “These people should be banned from traveling anywhere else!”

  • “They’re disgracing our country”

  • “People with moral problems had better not travel abroad.”


So far the police have interviewed everyone who witnessed the shocking occurrence but there has been no news of what will happen to those involved yet. Check out a clip of the brawl below.

Source: Korean Times