Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Secret, & 4MINUTE Members Cause A 2nd-Gen Girl Group Explosion On Video Star

This is a 2nd generstion girl group stan’s dream come true.

Yubin of Wonder Girls, Sandara Park and Park Bom of 2NE1, Song Jieun of Secret, and Jeon Jiyoon of 4MINUTE will be performing a medley of each of their groups songs together as one group on the July 2 episode of Video Star. In the teaser they introduce themselves as Won2Se4 (a combination of each of their group names and a play on “1,2,3,4”).

How long has it been!? I’m so happy to be together with my 2nd generation colleagues❤️ and Bommi❤️ next week


Fans are no doubt equally as excited and happy to see some of our favorite idols from the 2nd generation come together in such a special way. Three of the four girl groups, 2NE1, Secret and 4MINUTE, have also celebrated their 10-year anniversaries in 2019, so this is a double win for them.