Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Publicly Reveals Her Boyfriend Of 7 Years For The First Time…And Can’t Hold Back Tears

Her boyfriend gave her the most heartwarming gift.

K-Pop idols dating has always been a touchy topic, where some netizens believe that idols shouldn’t be allowed to date. This is how former Wonder Girls‘ member Hyelim felt, as she hid her relationship of 7 years from the public.

On an episode of Don’t Be Jealous, Hyelim decided to publically reveal her boyfriend of 7 years for the first time.

His name is Shin Min Chul, and he’s a taekwondo athlete. During the episode, he proves just how caring of a boyfriend he is, as he gives a special gift to Hyelim.

The gift was to commemorate their first day of being a public couple.

Shin Min Chul even put special quotes on his gift as a way of comforting Hyelim.

Hyelim couldn’t contain her tears after seeing this thoughtful gift. Publically revealing their relationship took a lot of courage, so Shin Min Chul’s encouragement helped Hyelim a lot.

Shin Min Chul ends by giving some more encouraging words to Hyelim, where he wants them to think positively.

Here is the full video below!