Wonho’s Beach Bod Has Inspired A New Meme And Here Is His Reaction

We’ve been blessed by Wonho in bunny ears!

Recently, Wonho posted two new photos from a trip to the beach. While one is in black and white and the other is in color, both images clearly showcase his excellent physique.

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

Wenees everywhere were absolutely shook by Wonho’s beach pics, calling him “Captain Korea” and comparing his buff bod to that of a Greek god.

One Wenee decided to take things in a more comedic direction by drawing cute little sketches on top of the images, adding in accessories such as a duck floatie and bunny ears.

Another decided to give him a trident, referencing the fact that he resembles Poseidon when he stands next to the sea!

Somehow the two original tweets caught the eye of Wonho himself, who ended up reposting the edits on his official Instagram account!

He captioned the post with a simple “Hahahahahahahahahaha” and later added in the comments “WENEEs LOL so cute💙”

What do you think of Wonho’s adorable new muscle meme?