The Color Blue Reminds Wonho Of His Fans—This Is Why

Blue holds an unexpected meaning for him.

Singer Wonho is constantly thinking about his fans, and dedicating himself to his work. For him, it’s important to make the most out of his time.

Wonho | @official_wonho/Twitter

Wonho likes to be productive and says that he would rather spend his time working on songs than staying in bed. In an interview with Teen Vogue, he says, “I’m just wanting to use the time wisely, because the clock is ticking.” 

| @official__wonho/Twitter

Because he cares about his fans, Wonho says, “[I hope that] all of my fans could live their life and spend their time wisely just like how I spend my time wisely.” 

| @official__wonho/Twitter

He says, “When I look at the ocean, the blue color, and think of my fans, I get positive feelings.”

| @iwonhoyou/Instagram

It’s not the first time he’s used the color blue in this context. For his album Blue Letter, Wonho described what blue means to him.

…I can see the color blue when I see my fans. That’s how I started using the color blue [in my concepts]. It’s since become my signature color… and my fans love it too.

— Wonho

| @official__wonho/Twitter

While blue usually is a term to refer to something sad, and the color often represents that emotion, Wonho likes using it as a color that represents the feeling of love. He loves his fans, and they love him back!


Source: Teen Vogue and NME