Wonho Tricks Fans Into Thinking He’s On Another Video Call During His Live Broadcast

Wonho is all of us when our bias goes live. 😂

Wonho held a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday with WENEE. The setting was perfect for a party as he had balloons set up along with a cake. He even wore a cute little birthday hat!

| @official__wonho/Twitter

Of course, it’s not a Wonho live without some jokes! Lately, he has been imitating Comedian Kim Hae Joon‘s character Café Owner Choi Joon.

This character has become a viral hit in South Korea. A lot of idols, including MONSTA X and Taemin seem to be fans as well.

During Wonho’s birthday live, the phone suddenly started to ring. It appeared that he was getting a phone call. He “picked it up” and showed us the screen and there was a man on there talking.

| 원호 (WONHO)/VLIVE  

Many viewers thought Wonho was genuinely having a call with someone since he was conversing and responding. For those who were familiar with the character, it was clear Wonho was just being a fanboy and watching his favorite comedian’s videos.


Honestly, Wonho interacting with the fake video call is really like looking in the mirror. This is exactly how we look when we are watching our idols’ lives. 😅


You can watch a full clip from the live below.

Source: 원호 (WONHO)