Wonho Once Revealed How He Eats 6 Meals Per Day To Maintain His God-Like Physique

We’ll have whatever he’s having, please!

Seeing as one of Wonho‘s trademarks is his incredible body, many have wondered about how he manages his diet. While it’s widely known that he partakes in numerous different athletic activities and practically lives at the gym, a lot of people don’t really know how Wonho eats enough to build so much muscle without gaining visible fat.

So, Wonho decided to share his secrets with fans on the ohhoho 오호호 YouTube channel by posting a 10 minute instructional video about how he prepares meals for his regular routine!

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Impressively, Wonho began by explaining that he often creates every dish by himself early in the morning. This is so that he doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal will come from as he goes about his day.

“I tend to prepare everything from breakfast to the meal I eat right after I finish my schedule. I always work out before I go to my schedule in the morning. I wake up, and before I go to the gym, I prepare meals like this and then start the day. Or, if I finish work a little early the day before, I tend to prepare meals a day earlier.”

– Wonho

After that, Wonho went into detail about how he always separates things out into six total meals. As his schedule is typically more hectic than a normal person, Wonho adjusts his meal time depending on when he gets up and goes to bed.

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In the morning, Wonho will eat two meals made up of white rice, red meat, and vegetables. Then in the afternoon and for dinner, Wonho replaces the rice with sweet pumpkin as his main source of carbs.

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For the last two meals, Wonho drinks protein shakes made up of chicken breast, asparagus, and 100-120g of oatmeal before going to bed and right after working out.

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Throughout the video, it’s obvious how dedicated Wonho is to keeping himself on track! He even mentioned that eating healthy has become a habit now, equating it to everyday tasks like brushing his teeth.

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Still, he emphasizes that it’s important to take a break every once in a while to eat what you love.

I think I have been having these kinds of meals for about 4 or 3 years. But it’s not always good to have a meal like this. You cam sometimes have a proper meal until you’re satisfied. In my case, when I have a shooting schedule, I sometimes have a delicious meal with that as an excuse!

– Wonho

You can watch Wonho’s full video below: