WONHO Opens Up On His Departure From MONSTA X And Where They Stand Now

“There were times when it was hard…”

Throughout the years, especially in the last year, WONHO and MONSTA X have gone through so much together. Following the events that separated them musically, he and the group were able to overcome and forge their own paths.

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After releasing his debut solo music video, the heart-wrenching “Losing You”, WONHO talked about his fresh start with Teen Vogue. Naturally, the magazine couldn’t gloss over the tough times with MONSTA X that led him there.

They gently approached the topic of his departure from the group, “Honestly, I can only imagine how very difficult it must have been for not only yourself but the members of MONSTA X when you announced that you were leaving…”

WONHO was honest about how disheartening it had been for everyone involved, “There were times when it was hard…”

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Even so, they were all able to come out of it on the other side and still be there for each other, “…but I think we’re now able to cheer each other up.”

Looking on the bright side, WONHO mentioned that it encouraged growth in them as individuals. It’s also kept them together in spirit despite no longer being in the same group, “We’ve become more mature after what we’ve been through, and although we’re not together anymore as a team, I believe that we’re strong supporters of each other.”

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Everything that WONHO overcame made him come to a realization about himself and how he strives to treat those important to him:

‘That I want to give happiness, rather than make them hurt, to those who support and trust me. And I, too, need to be stronger and more complete.’ That’s what I’m thinking. I don’t think there’s anything in the world that can express this.

Even if WONHO and MONSTA X aren’t promoting as part of the same group, that’ll never change the bond they have as seven friends, who are as close as brothers.

Source: Teen Vogue