Wonho Proves Himself To Be The Ultimate Girl Group Stan At His Fan Meeting — Here Are All The Songs He Covered

He is the ultimate stan.

Singer Wonho recently held his 2022 fan meeting OHHOHO TRIP, named after the vlogs that he posts to his YouTube channel. Fans were lucky enough to spend a few hours up close and personal with the singer as he performed songs and interacted with the audience.

Wonho during his fan meeting.

During one portion of the fan meeting, Wonho exposed himself as a true girl group stan by covering a number of the most popular girl group songs of 2022 in a medley!

Wonho began his girl group medley with a very cute and sexy version of LE SSERAFIM‘s “Fearless”. Fans went wild during the part of the choreography where Wonho and his dancers turn around and move their hips.

Next Wonho, covered the chorus of IVE‘s “Love Dive”. Previously in an episode of ohhoho on his YouTube channel, Wonho covered the song while wearing a dress and heels.

The next song in the medley is Red Velvet‘s “Feel My Rhythm”. Wonho is especially impressive dancing to this song, sticking true to the original feeling instead of altering the choreography to be more masculine. 

Finally, Wonho covers (G)I-DLE‘s smash hit, “Tomboy,” including the extremely viral “lalala” dance movements. Wonho has danced to this song multiple times including doing the TikTok challenge with all of (G)-IDLE!

Wonho obviously had a great time and couldn’t stop smiling throughout it all! What song do you want to see Wonho cover next?


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