Wonho’s Reaction To A Fan Fainting During His Concert Shows His True Personality

He truly cares for his fans.

Singer Wonho is currently going viral for his strong response to an unfortunate situation at one of his recent concerts.

Wonho | @official__wonho/Twitter

Wonho has been wowing fans in Europe on his first world tour FACADE. So far the tour has held successful stops in Munich, Oberhausen, and Madrid.

Wonho at his Oberhausen concert. | @official__wonho/Twitter

During the Madrid show, a fan fainted in the middle of the concert. Wonho’s shows are general admission and these types of shows can quickly become overwhelming due to the number of people and the heat that is generated by people in such close proximity.

After the fan passed out, other fans began trying to get Wonho’s attention by yelling for help as they were unable to move.

Once he noticed, Wonho stopped everything and began trying to get the venue’s staff to help before the fan or any others were hurt. When the staff didn’t respond to the situation, Wonho yelled loudly “Go in quickly! Staff! I’m telling you to go in! Over there.


Fans of the singer know him as something of a big softy, so his response shows exactly how much he cares for his fans’ safety. WENEE say that they have never actually seen him raise his voice or be this angry until now. Someone that attend the concert also said that Wonho allegedly went to check up on the fan after the show was over by visiting the venue’s medical facility.

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Wonho’s strong reaction to a fan being in trouble shows his true personality as an idol that deeply cares for his fans and that his heart is just as big as his biceps.

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