Wonho Reveals What It Was Like Making The Music Video For “Lose”

His fans are always the most important to him!

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Wonho revealed how he felt while making the music video for his most recent title track, “Lose”!

One of the most memorable scenes in the “Lose” music video features Wonho and his dancers in the rain

| The rain scene in “Lose.”

He talked about what it was like to shoot in the water and in the rain, expressing concern over his dancers.

It was a bit chilly and the water was cold, too. I was okay but I felt so sorry for my dancers who were helping me because they worked so hard. I heard that this was their first time dancing in the water for the rain scene, which I felt sorry for.


In true Wonho fashion, however, the most important thing to him was that fans enjoyed the music video.

But I felt really glad seeing how the final music video came out and my fans WENEE showed so much more love than I expected. I felt very good.


Wonho showing off his WENEE phone case. | @iwonhoyou/Instagram

Choreography is obviously a crucial part to any K-Pop music video, so he also discussed how he worked with two different choreographers on the dance for “Lose”: the choreographer who worked on his previous title track, “Open Mind,” and a new one.

Regarding the choreography for “Lose,” I worked with the lead choreographer from last time and a new lead choreographer.


| Part of the “Open Mind” choreography.

He wanted “Lose” to stand out and have more of a focus on the choreography.

I tried hard to show a different side of me and I tried to challenge myself to make it show various sides of the choreography than [my] previous title track, “Open Mind.”


Once the music video was released, the feedback from fans was nothing but positive, obviously, which made him really happy!

I was thankful that WENEE love the dance moves.


It’s clear that Wonho keeps challenging himself and wanting to work even harder with every new music video he releases. We’re all looking forward to seeing where he goes from here!

Source: YouTube