Wonho Shares His Experience Working Opposite Actress In “Lose” Music Video

He was nervous!

Wonho recently appeared on the REACT YouTube channel to look back on some of his old videos, including his first as a solo artist, “Losing You.” He gave some additional information that fans may not have known about the videos’ production as he watched them.

| WONHO/YouTube

One of the music videos he reacted to was “Lose,” which featured a beautiful actress as his co-star. He described shooting the scenes with her, particularly the first one. He revealed that they had just met before having to film together!

We just met for the first time on set right before we went for shoot. So it was really awkward for both of us.

— Wonho

| REACT/YouTube

Wonho shared that production was a bit nerve-racking. He compared the experience of acting opposite the actress, whom he considered very talented, to the strenuous choreography.

I don’t mind the cold weather or dancing for the numerous times… that was physically demanding. But having to act with someone was so hard and awkward.

— Wonho

| REACT/YouTube

Wonho proved that he himself is a skilled actor. Despite his discomfort, the two portrayed their roles well!

You can watch the full video below:

Check out Wonho’s “Lose” music video:

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