Wonho And Siri Are A Match Made In Meme Heaven After Wonho Throws His Phone During A V Live Broadcast

Most of us would have to think twice before launching our phones like that.

During a V LIVE broadcast on June 5, MONSTA X‘s Wonho got into a little bit of an argument with Siri, and it’s all too relatable. He was trying out Siri’s “Hey, Siri!” feature, in which the user simply says “Hey, Siri!” in order to activate her. Sounds simple, right? Well, not if you’re Wonho.

After saying “Hey, Siri!” in every possible intonation he could think of, Siri finally listens and answers his question (incorrectly). Fed up, Wonho tosses his phone over his shoulder, sighs, and continues his live.

Wonho definitely embodies all of us when we’re tired of Siri getting it miserably wrong, but MONBEBE have been quick to plug this scene into various situations. And thus, a new MONSTA X meme was born.

One MONBEBE said that a new meme king has arrived and we can’t disagree.

We can’t wait to see all of the memes clever MONBEBE think of with this clip next.