Wonho Tries His Best To Do An Arm Heart For His Fans, His outfit EXPLODES

MONSTA X’s Wonho was spotted showing off his extremely in-shape body in an interesting way.

At a recent fansign, Monsta X’s Wonho attempted to make a heart with both arms for the Monbebe in attendance.

But, he was unable to make the heart because of how tight the stage clothes were on his infamously muscular arms and wide shoulders.

He explained to the fans that he couldn’t make the heart for them.

It’s not that I don’t want to, these clothes won’t let me!

— MONSTA X’s Wonho

And while demonstrating the issue, the inevitable happened.

Wonho’s determination to demonstrate his love for the fans brought a lot of laughs to everyone there!

Watch the full video to see Wonho’s cute wardrobe malfunction!

Source: Insight