Learn How To Become Shredded Like Wonho In Hot New Workout Video

“It’s hard, but as a performer, you have to care about your physical and mental health.”

Need some new ways to spice up your workout? If so, you’re in luck— soloist Wonho has tips to share!

On May 12, Wonho revealed his workout routine for a video in Men’s Health‘s “Train Like” YouTube series.

Video thumbnail for “K-pop Star Wonho Shares The Workout Routine That Keeps Him Shredded” | Men’s Health/YouTube

Wonho is known to show off his muscle gains in stunning posts on his Instagram page.

Wonho makes a peace sign while showing his abs | @iwonhoyou/Instagram

In the first part of the video, Wonho explained his general exercise habits alongside his personal trainer, Kim Ki Nam.

Wonho (left) and Kim Ki Nam (right) | Men’s Health/YouTube

He goes to the gym twice a day, six times a week, for up to five hours at a time, with one scheduled rest day in between.

Wonho likes to exercise multiple areas of his body in the same day, with the exception of making sure he does leg day twice a week.

Even during tours and overseas promotions, Wonho finds a way to work out, using hotels and local gyms.

That’s some dedication right there!

In his most important tip of all, Wonho stressed the importance of proper posture in order to avoid injury during exercise.

Next, Wonho started his intense routine, strengthening his arm and back muscles.

Finally, Wonho makes it a habit to practice post-workout body conditioning. In the video, Wonho received a shoulder and back massage using a technique known as a Graston massage.

Seeing the fierce dedication behind his jaw-dropping physique, it’s clear that Wonho has a passion for fitness!

Source: Men's Health
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