You Won’t Believe How Handsome Jiyeon’s Dad Is

So that’s where she got her looks from!

On April 3, former T-ARA member Jiyeon posted a childhood photo on her Instagram account, captioning the post with a heart emoticon (❤️).

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In the photo, baby Jiyeon can be seen covering her mouth as her dad embraces her with one arm and holds a snack with his other arm. The two look as if they were having a fun vacation!

Those who viewed the photo were particularly shocked at her dad’s good looks. Many comments suggested that he looks like several famous actors, such as…

Bae Jung Nam

Oh Jung Hyuk

And Won Bin

Jiyeon has always been known for being an exceptional beauty, and now the mystery is solved: she must have gotten her good looks from her dad!

Source: Nate