You won’t believe how much Fan Bingbing is paid for a single appearance

Fan Bingbing is the most expensive Chinese actress to invite to events and has the highest net worth.

Image Source: @dramapotatoe

She received over 2.8 million CNY (approximately $406,714 USD) for attending just one event.

Image Source: Marie France Asia

She ranked first among all other Chinese actresses, making her the most expensive celebrity in her field.

Image Source: The Place

According to local reports, Fan Bingbing is the only person on the list who received over 2 million CNY ($290,510 USD) for just one event.

Wu Xiubo ranked second with 1.8 million CNY ($271,459 USD), followed by Huang Xiaoming and Jay Chou, both at 1.5 million CNY ($217,886 USD).

Image Source: Zimbio

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