Woo Tae Woon Reveals He Would Give His Life Up To Save Zico

While Block B‘s Zico and his older brother Woo Tae Woon don’t show off their closest constantly, their bond is still strong.

On January 5th’s episode of KBS Happy Together, brothers Woo Tae Woon and Zico appeared as special guests for a family episode titled Who’s Your Mother? Throughout the episode, the show’s MCs focused on the topic of their relationship both in the past and present.

The MCs first asked the brothers, “Which one of the two of you do your parents boast about more?”

Zico responded:

“I think it depends on the time. In the beginning, my brother debuted first. At that time, the subject of all the praise was him. After that, it was my turn, but my brother also went on Show Me the Money. These days I have it a little better.”

Woo Tae Woon reflects Zico’s statement, saying “I want to receive that amount of focus too.” Yoo Jae Suk points out Woo Tae Woon’s nervousness, mentioning that he keeps on glancing towards Zico whenever he speaks.

Woo Tae Woon explains himself, saying:

“In the past, I was comfortable with Zico, we could casually talk about stories together. But now even I don’t know. Now if I say ‘Jiho, where are you right now,’ I get shut down. The gap between us has grown too big so it’s not easy anymore.”

Zico also revealed that he was beaten by his brother when he was still a student:

“Back in my school days, I was basically just a shrimp cracker. I was basically at the hold of my brother’s hands.”

Woo Tae Woon tried to explain himself, saying:

“When I was 16, I gained some weight, and this guy was light on his feet when dancing. When we were playing badminton, I got angry and got rid of my racket and starting hitting him.”

At the end of the episode, the hosts asked, “If there was a murderer and one of you had to die, who would it be?”

Woo Tae Woon answered:

“I would give up my life for my brother. We are at a position where the two of us have to support the family. So I thought about it and if he’s gone what would happen to the family? I will go if I have to in his stead.”

While Zico was initially touched by his brother’s response, he let out a disappointing laughter when he heard that was the true reason behind why Taewoon would sacrifice his life for him.

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Source: Newsen