WOODZ Reveals What He Does When He Gets Bored Backstage–And It’s Not What You’d Expect

Jinjin and Kino were not amused, but it is pretty funny!

On an episode of UNBOXING W/ JINJIN & KINO, WOODZ revealed to his long-time friends ASTRO‘s Jinjin and PENTAGON‘s Kino how he keeps busy while waiting backstage at music shows–and it was truly unexpected!

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During the episode, he told the two hosts a joke: “Who in the world watches weird things the most?”

In Korean, “weird” is pronounced “ee-sang han,” which also means “damaged teeth.” So, of course, the people who watch weird things the most are dentists!

Both Jinjin and Kino were exasperated, saying that it was a total dad joke–but WOODZ wasn’t done with it just yet.

He then told them a story about what he does when he’s bored backstage at music shows!

Yesterday, it was the day of the shoot, ‘Inkigayo’. I was so bored in the waiting room, so I changed my name on my phone. I set my name to unknown people as “Who in the world watches weird things the most?” and and I googled and got some dentist memes.


“Then, on my iPhone, I used Airdrop [a Bluetooth file-share feature],” said WOODZ. “And I just sent the memes to everyone I didn’t know!”

Kino was shocked to hear that WOODZ was the one behind that prank!

At Inkigayo yesterday, our makeup artist and our manager received it. I mean, our makeup artist was like, “Hey, I received an airdrop from someone I don’t know. Should I download it or not?” So it was a total mess.


“And it wasn’t a mistake?” Kino double-checked.

I had 2 concepts. I said I was recommending today’s dinner menu and sent them a picture of food. So I would send them food pictures like this… They had no idea it was from me. They had no idea, but imagine how funny it would’ve been for them.


Jinjin and Kino were not impressed, saying that it wasn’t funny and that people might think it’s a virus, but Kino’s manager, who had received a picture of mint-choco chicken, found it funny!

We have to admit, it’s kind of funny that this is how WOODZ spends his time backstage!

You can watch the full video on the DIVE Studios Podcasts‘ official YouTube channel.

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