WOODZ Reveals The Meaning Behind Some Of His Favorite Tattoos

They all hold a special place in his heart!

WOODZ recently appeared on DIVE Studios‘ UNBOXING w/ JINJIN & KINO with PENTAGON‘s Kino and ASTRO‘s JinJin.

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As with all of their guests, it was time for another round of ice-breaker questions. WOODZ is known for having many tattoos, and the first question was whether he had any new ones!

His answer was a simple no because his mom didn’t want him to get any more. JinJin then asked which of his tattoos had the most meaning.

I think they’re all meaningful to me. I keep a record of important moments in my life through my tattoos. For example, if I forget something or want to go back to basics, I look at my tattoos.


WOODZ then went on to talk about some of his favorite tattoos. One of those is the first one he ever got which is his parents’ birth years.

He also spoke about the meaning behind the tattoo he has on his stomach, which Kino said was his favorite!

This one was especially meaningful for me because I got this one when I was struggling with my career after I decided to take this path.


Despite working hard, WOODZ explained that nothing seemed to be working out for him. During that time, he was into Western culture and watched a movie where an actor had a gun in his pocket.

I wanted to think that I’m someone who can do whatever anytime. I’m always hiding a weapon in me. I wanted to recover my self-confidence that way with this tattoo.


For many, tattoos are a way of telling stories through their body, and it seems as if WOODZ wants the ink to guide him through life.

You can watch the whole episode below!

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